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Are you considering Strathfield, NSW 2190 as your next move? It's a good first step to discover if the area is a good fit for you based on factors such as proximity to schools etc. The suburb profile utilises market-leading data to provide you with the Strathfield median property prices, market trends & demographics to allow you to make informed decisions about your next property move.

Whether you are upsizing or downsizing to Strathfield, continue reading for a brief history lesson to discover more about the amazing lifestyle and what makes this suburb a worthy option.

What are the most common nationalities?

The five most common nationalities of residents are: Chinese, Indian, Korean, English, Lebanese.

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What restaurants are there in Strathfield (NSW)? Bassim, Sansui, Mi Ga, Tami, Arisun, Red Pepper Bistro, Won Jo, The Basak Korean Snack.
What supermarkets are there in Strathfield (NSW)? Woolworths, Indian Spices.
What's the postcode for Strathfield, NSW? The postcode for Strathfield, NSW is 2190.
What pharmacies are there in Strathfield (NSW)? Discount Chemist.
What's the size of Strathfield (NSW)? Strathfield (NSW) is 6.57 square kilometres and has a population of 6077.
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