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170 Victoria Street, CARLTON VIC 3053
Sunny City
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Property 170 Victoria Street, CARLTON VIC 3053 IMAGE 0Property 170 Victoria Street, CARLTON VIC 3053 IMAGE 0Property 170 Victoria Street, CARLTON VIC 3053 IMAGE 0Property 170 Victoria Street, CARLTON VIC 3053 IMAGE 0Property 170 Victoria Street, CARLTON VIC 3053 IMAGE 0Property 170 Victoria Street, CARLTON VIC 3053 IMAGE 0Property 170 Victoria Street, CARLTON VIC 3053 IMAGE 0Property 170 Victoria Street, CARLTON VIC 3053 IMAGE 0Property 170 Victoria Street, CARLTON VIC 3053 FLOORPLAN 0
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Property 170 Victoria Street, CARLTON VIC 3053 IMAGE

170 Victoria Street

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Sold on 26 April 2021

Just Next to RMIT, near Melbourne Uni, 2Bed Apartment for sale, almost brand new!

-------------------中文介绍请翻阅至英文介绍下文------------------- About Suburb: If you want to live close to the city center, in an upscale area with a strong cultural atmosphere, Carlton is your ideal choice. You can choose a stylish apartment or a unique townhouse. If you live here, you can drink and taste cheese at King and Godfree, and you can also spend your night time in the theater. Carlton is one of Melbourne's most vibrant and multicultural areas. Lygon Street is the heart here and the soul of Italian style, known as Melbourne's "Little Italy". This is the birthplace of Melbourne’s famous coffee culture. The double-storey Victorian townhouses on both sides of the street are all cafes and restaurants. In addition, there are many pizzerias and long-established restaurants and dessert shops on the main street, such as Tiamo, University Cafe and Brunetti, Brunetti dessert shops and so on. The residents of Carlton are mainly students. The famous universities of Melbourne University and RMIT University are located here. The Royal Exhibition Hall and Melbourne Museum are also the essence of cultural life in this area. The Royal Exhibition Hall is Australia’s first non-indigenous cultural attraction to be included in the World Heritage List. Carlton, permeated with the smell of coffee, is where he cultivates knowledge and independent thinking. Municipal facilities in the area also include Melbourne Zoo, numerous parks and gardens, and many large hospitals. Perfect Location: ·Carlton Gardens Primary School, 98 scores, 0.6km ·Carlton Primary School,1.3km ·North Melbourne Primary School,99 scores,1.6km ·Fitzroy Primary School,1.6km ·Carlton North Primary School,95 scores,1.9 km ·University High School,97 scores,1.4 km ·Collingwood College,2.2 km ·Princes Hill Secondary College,91 scores,2.6km ·Fitzroy High School,3.1 km ·free trams downstairs, 30m ·to RMIT,300m ·to University of Melbourne,900m ·to Melbourne Central Centre, 410m ·to QV Melbourne, 460m ·to Queen Victoria Market,500m ·to Melbourne Central station,500m ·to Melbourne CBD ,650m ·to Royal Exhibition Building,900m About Swanston Central: Swanston Central's location—— The world's most livable city + University of Melbourne + Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology + Swanston Street + new subway plan + major shopping malls = Swanston Central Swanston Central is located in Swanston Square Site, and Swanston Square will be built into an urban complex integrating shopping malls, office buildings, and residential buildings like QV, with unlimited development potential! Walk 230 meters to Melbourne Central Entertainment & Shopping Center, Emporium Shopping Center, David Johns, Myer, and Bourke Street, Swanston Street, and Collin Street. Swanston Central's outstanding design quality—— The Swanston Central project is designed by Elenberg Fraser and developed by the Hengyi Group. It adopts a classic full-floor glass curtain wall design, which can accept natural light to the maximum extent. The exterior is shining and the interior is spacious and bright. The interior decoration is high-end and exquisite, with a variety of colors to choose from. Units above the 22nd floor are equipped with unique indoor balconies, which can enjoy the warm sunshine even in cold winter days. The 1-3 floors are retail shops, and the 7th, 47th and 69th floors are the three public leisure areas of the whole building. The 6th floor of the apartment is designed with a 25-meter-long pool; the 47th floor is equipped with supporting facilities such as bars, restaurants, theaters, libraries, and games rooms; the 47th floor is designed as a lounge to meet the different demands. Apartment for Sale: 2B1B, North Facing Internal area:59 m2; External area: 5.8 m2; Total area: 64.8 m2 This lot is a second-hand apartment , the price is $640,000. -----------------------------------The End, the following information is irrelevant------------------- 墨尔本市中心意大利风情舒适生活区: 如果你想靠近市中心居住,身处文化氛围浓厚的高档地段,Carlton就是你的理想选择。你可以选择时尚的公寓或者是风格独特的连排别墅,如果在此居住的话,你就可以在King和Godfree饮酒、品尝奶酪,也可以在剧院度过你的夜间时光。Carlton区是墨尔本最具活力和多元文化色彩的地区之一。 Lygon Street是这里的心脏,也是意大利风情的灵魂,号称墨尔本的“小意大利”。这里是墨尔本著名的咖啡文化的发源地,街道两侧的双层维多利亚式排屋皆为咖啡馆和餐馆,在这里,可品尝到热气腾腾的意大利面、香郁的咖啡和美味的糕点。此外,大街还分布了许多比萨饼店和老字号餐馆及甜品店,如Tiamo、University Cafe和Brunetti,Brunetti甜品店等。人们每至于此,总感到宾至如归的温馨和舒适。Carlton的居民主要是学生,这里拥有浓厚的学术氛围。著名学府墨尔本大学和墨尔本皇家理工大学均坐落于此。皇家展览馆与墨尔本博物馆也是本区文化生活的精华所在,皇家展览馆是澳大利亚首个被列入世界文化遗产名录的非土著文化景点。弥漫着咖啡香的Carlton是培养求知、独立思想的所在。本区内的市政设施还包括墨尔本动物园、为数众多的公园和花园,以及多家大型医院。 地理位置优越: ·Carlton Gardens Primary School(小学), 98 分, 0.6km ·Carlton Primary School(小学),1.3km ·North Melbourne Primary School(小学),99分,1.6km ·Fitzroy Primary School(小学),1.6km ·Carlton North Primary School(小学),95分,1.9 km ·University High School(中学),97分,1.4 km ·Collingwood College(中学),2.2 km ·Princes Hill Secondary College(中学),91分,2.6km ·Fitzroy High School(中学),3.1 km ·楼下便是有轨电车站,免费搭乘CBD区域内电车, 30m ·距离皇家理工大学(RMIT),300m ·距离墨尔本大学,900m ·距离墨尔本中央购物中心, 410m ·距离QV Melbourne, 460m ·距离维多利亚女王购物广场 (Queen Victoria Market),500m ·距离Melbourne Central 火车站,500m ·距离墨尔本CBD ,650m ·距离卡林顿花园及皇家展览馆,900m Swanston Central项目情况: Swanston Central 不可多得的地理位置—— 连续四年全世界最宜居的城市 + 澳洲第一的大学(墨尔本大学) + 墨尔本皇家理工大学 + 墨尔本核心主街Swanston Street + 全新的地铁计划 + 近在咫尺的各大购物中心、餐厅、超市 = Swanston Central Swanston Central位于Swanston Square Site内,而Swanston Square将被打造成如QV一样集商场、写字楼、住宅于一体的城市综合体,发展潜力无限! 步行230米可到达由Melbourne Central 娱乐&购物中心、Emporium 购物中心、David Johns、Myer,以及Bourke Street、Swanston Street、Collin Street 形成的市中心不夜城,2000多家店铺,让您与墨尔本国际化都市生活零距离! Swanston Central 卓越的设计品质—— Swanston Central项目由国际著名设计大师Elenberg Fraser操刀,Hengyi集团开发承建,采用经典的全落地玻璃幕墙设计,能够最大限度接受自然光的照射,外观通体闪耀,室内宽敞明亮。 室内装修高端精致,有多种色调选择。22层以上户型配有独特的室内阳台,即使在寒冷的冬日里也能享受温暖的阳光。大楼共70层,1-3层为零售商铺,7层、47层和69层是整栋大楼的三个公共休闲区域。公寓6楼设计有25米长的无边泳池、高低温Spa;47楼有酒吧、餐厅、影院、图书馆、游戏室等配套设施;47楼则设计为空中休息室,最大程度满足住户不同的生活需求。 二手房公寓: ·2房1卫,朝北 ·室内面积59m2,阳台面积5.8m2,总面积64.8平米 ·该公寓为二手房公寓,价格为$640,000

Local market info for Carlton

Data for Apartment/Unit based on the past 12 month period
Median growth 18.81%
Median Sold Price $600,000
Median Weekly Rent $210
North Carlton Childrens CentreQueensberry Childrens CentreTommaso Fiaschi Child Care CentreMelbourne University Family ClubSwanston Street Children's CentreGuardian Childcare & Education Lemon TreeCarlton Gardens OSHClubRMIT City Campus Children's CentreFitzroy Early Learning CentreCarlton Primary SchoolCarlton Gardens Primary School

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Homes estimates a median rental return of $210 per week for a 2 bedroom Apartment/Unit in Carlton.

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