9 October 2019

4 tips for planning success when selling

Adrian Atelj

Are you selling your home? Spending time carefully planning your sales campaign can make the difference between a good selling price and a great one. Here’s 4 planning tips to get the most out of the work you put in.

1. Wait until market conditions are right Patience is key. Don’t rush into selling – wait until market conditions are right to maximise the return on your investment. A lot of different factors affect the market, like the time of year, the economy and changes to government policy. Keep up with the news and monitor property listings and sales online to see how much properties like yours are selling for at different times.

Get an understanding of when your local market tends to go up and down, so you can make the best judgement as to when it’s time to sell.

1. Looks are everything How your property is presented to potential buyers goes a long way toward getting the results you want. People need to feel like your house is somewhere they want to live, not just somewhere that is ‘good enough’.

Consult with a professional interior designer or stylist about changes you can make to achieve that feel. A little bit of renovating or styling can go a long way.

Enhance your street appeal with a house wash and garden makeover to brighten up the exteriors. If you have a lot of clutter, consider hiring a storage unit to thin out your furniture and create a more spacious feeling throughout the interiors.

“Most importantly, use a professional photographer,” said homes.com.au Founder & Managing Director, Pat Carbone.

“Great photos really make your property stand out online. When buyers search for properties, they get a list of results and those with the best photos get the most hits.”

1. Choose the right selling agent and listen to their advice Talk to as many selling agents as you can. By spending time getting to know them and asking the right questions, you can figure out who has the best knowledge of your area, your type of property and where the market is going.

Look up past sales listings online to find out if your agent has a good track record. Have they achieved strong selling prices for their clients? Do they sell a lot of your property type?

Once you find the right person, always take their advice into account. Agents are out there selling properties every single day, so they are an invaluable source of market information.

1. Get the word out there! No matter how much work you put in, if potential buyers don’t see your property, they can’t even take the first step. The more potential buyers you draw in, the greater your chances of a top selling price.

Use the traditional methods, like online advertising (which is free with homes.com.au), a signboard and newspaper advertising, all of which can be arranged by your selling agent. If there are add-ons that will get you extra exposure, they might be worth considering.

Think about what you can do yourself. If you’re on social media, post your advertisement and ask your friends to ‘Like’ and share it.

Investing time and energy in the planning of your sale will reap many rewards in the end

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