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Overview Ermington is a multicultural locality that lies 19 km northwest of Sydney. This bustling NSW suburb located on the northern bank of the Parramatta River is under the local administration of the Parramatta city council. The 2016 census put the total number of residents in Ermington at 10,737. Once dominated by orchards and nurseries, Ermington grew after World War II following the resettlement of returned service members. This provided a new impetuous to the area to emerge as a key residential and commercial hub.

Living in Ermington A friendly, multicultural neighbourhood, Ermington is positioned on both sides of the highly accessible Victoria Road. It offers excellent parks, good schools, many playgrounds and a variety of shopping avenues. Betty Cuthbert Avenue offers many shopping options. The Paramatta CBD and Ryde are less than a 10-minute drive, and this brings Ermington residents a wide variety of restaurants, cafes, nightlife and entertainment options.

The strategic location of Ermington makes Paramatta, North Ryde and Sydney easily accessible for work or education. Buses are available every 10 minutes. Meadowbank and West Ryde stations and ferry services are within walking distance.

History of Ermington The Wallumettagal Aboriginals were original inhabitants of Ermington. When European began settling in the area, they called it Field of Mars. Eight mariners were the first to receive land grants in the area in 1792. John Colthread, one of those marines, sold his farm to Major Edmund Lockyer in 1827. Locker built a house and named it Ermington mansion after his wife's birthplace in England. When he sold his 1,900 acres of land holdings in 1841, Locker advertised it the "Village of Ermington."

Ermington was home to vineyards, orchards, farms and nurseries sending wine and fruits to Sydney and Europe. In 1943, it hosted military storage sites for the US army and navy. The Australian government constructed many houses and amenities to settle soldiers and their families after the end of the World War in 1945. The 2000s saw a massive real estate boom in the area inviting young professionals and investors.

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What restaurants are there in Ermington? Yung Shing Restaurant, New Emperor Chinese Restaurant.
What supermarkets are there in Ermington? Woolworths.
What pharmacies are there in Ermington? Health Information Pharmacy.
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What's the size of Ermington? Ermington is 4.13 square kilometres and has a population of 2871.
Postcode for Ermington, NSW? The postcode for Ermington, NSW is **2114**
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