Mosman Real Estate: Suburb Profile & Property Prices

Mosman NSW, 2088

Mosman Real Estate: Suburb Profile

Searching for the dream home in Mosman, NSW 2088? It's crucial to decide whether the area is a serious contender for your next home. The suburb profile removes the guesswork by providing the Mosman property prices, demographics & market trends so that we can help you make an intelligent decision about your next home or investment.

If you are making a move to Mosman, keep reading for a brief history lesson to learn more about the fantastic lifestyle and what the suburb has to offer.

Overview Lying about 8 km northeast of Sydney’s central business district is Mosman. It is a suburb on the Lower North Shore of Sydney, with a population of roughly 28500. It has several harbour beaches.

It houses Bradleys Head, Taronga Zoo, and parts of Sydney Harbour National Park. Mosman is the administrative hub of the Municipality of Mosman.

Living in Mosman Some mentionable heritage listings are Woolley House, Bradleys Head Fortification Complex, Mosman Bay Sewage Aqueduct, and Boronia House. Primarily a residential suburb, one can see different housing styles like California bungalows, apartment buildings, and modern townhouses. However, Federation-era houses still predominate. One can find ample shopping options here. Apart from original Australians, one can find people of other descent as well. It has schools and a college, multiple places of worship, many sports and cultural venues and associations, and also residents of diverse ethnicity.

History of Mosman Mosman got its name after the twins Archbald and George Mosman, who moved to the area with a land grant of 4 acres. They were involved in shipping, whaling, and grazing. The Aboriginal Borogegal tribe originally inhabited the area. The HMS Sirius brought the first settlers to Mosman Bay in 1789. Over time, a lot of development – mostly defence bases - took place across Mosman, but it was not until the early 1900s that shops and homes were built here.

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The postcode for Mosman, NSW is 2088

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