Macleay Island Real Estate: Suburb Profile & Property Prices

Macleay Island QLD, 4184

Macleay Island Real Estate: Suburb Profile

Whether you're buying, renting, or investing in Macleay Island, QLD 4184, it is crucial to determine whether the suburb is a serious contender for your next home. The suburb profile utilises market-leading data to provide you with the Macleay Island house prices, demographics & market trends so that we can help you justify the price for your next property move.

If you are new to Macleay Island, have a little read of our history lesson to find out more about the lifestyle and what makes this suburb so great.

Overview Macleay Island comes under Moreton Bay in South-East Queensland, Australia. Macleay Island had 2,681 people, according to the 2016 census. It ranks 4th in the list of Moreton Bay’s largest Islands. It has a tiny island, Perulpa, attached to it by a causeway.

Living in Macleay Island Macleay Island has numerous heritage-listed sites like Campbell’s Wharf and Corroboree Point. It possesses sandy beaches, littoral rainforests, mangrove areas, and rocky shores. It holds different species of birds, and this also consists of migratory birds that can be seen yearly. Macleay Island also has facilities like restaurants, supermarkets, cafes, pizza, and hot bread shops. It has island emergency services with dentists, chemists, vets, and doctors.

History of Macleay Island During the 1800s, Macleay Island was referred to as Tim Shea’s Island for an Irish convict who resided in the Island for over a decade. The current name is inspired by New South Wales’ former colonial secretary, Alexander Macleay, and it was named by a pioneer surveyor, James Warner. 28th of January, 1986, marks the opening of Macleay Island State School. Its population was 1,958 at the 2006 census.

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